Warning Signs That You Need To Replace Your Air Duct

While examining a faulty air conditioner, checking on air ducts is something often overlooked by homeowners. Although some signs of having a damaged air duct are noticeable, others are not easy to get hold of. Such signs can dig a hole in your pocket if left unattended for a long time. Thus, checking air ducts should be a priority to avoid/fix inefficiently functioning air conditioning systems.

Ways To Inspect Your Duct System

Some noticeable or easy-to-find issues signal your air conditioner is not functioning properly. The most common one is poor airflow, gradual wear, and tear, cracks or broken seals become a vent for air to leak out from ducts. This leads to reduced air pressure, improper circulation of air, etc.

Another alarming situation is when you turn on the cooling and start observing a moldy or foul odor all around the house. This smell can be from mold growing inside or around air ducts due to humid temperature and poor insulation. Exposure to molds can cause several health concerns like allergies, respiratory difficulties, and skin irritation.

Other than this, you can also keep an eye on the air filters of the cooling system. If you installed clean air filters recently and still find them filled with dust, it could mean that air ducts are clogged with dirt.

Do remember that air ducts also have a lifespan and affect the performance of air conditioners to a large extent, when you notice joints and seals of air ducts start deteriorating, it is tangled or dented due to surroundings, it is a visible sign of seeking help from experts.

The Benefits Of Hiring An Expert For Duct Cleaning

While most of us can identify there is an issue, it is not always possible to fix problems as critical as a faulty air conditioner or broken air ducts. Because all the faults in the cooling system cannot be examined by the naked eye and need an expert’s interference. 

Thus, it is recommended that you call for professional help to ensure your home’s energy efficiency and air quality. Also, don’t wait for bigger issues to sprang up to call expert help. Air ducts are built to last for years but they do need regular maintenance and cleaning.

Many people attempt to clean air ducts but are unsure of having them cleaned or inspected completely and correctly. Moreover, accessing air ducts to capture all problem areas is also a difficult task. A professional air duct service provider leaves no room for such doubts. 

An expert in handling air ducts undergoes extensive training and possesses adequate equipment required for cleaning, examination of faults, etc. These experts not only make sure to remove all the dirt, debris, molds, and other impurities but also know the best way to remove clogs/blockages and re-install the parts properly after service.

When To Know If You Need To Clean Your Duct System Or Replace It?

The option to replace air ducts is usually overlooked by homeowners. At first glance, some people only compare one-time repair costs with replacement. However, it is worth noting that damaged air ducts might make you spend on repairs several times. Which counts even more than the cost of replacement.

The benefits of replacing air ducts with repairs are immeasurable. Timely replacement can save you from a heavy expense too. New air ducts installed with an expert help provide great efficiency i.e. proper cooling without alarming energy bills. Cleaner air, less leakage, quieter performance are some other reasons that make investing in new air ducts worthwhile.