Building Science Hotline

This free hotline, open 7 days a week, is provided by Illinois Home Performance to help you find answers to your building science questions.

Homeowners: Are you wanting a quick, unbiased, second opinion? Are you confused about something a contractor said? Are you not quite ready for a home energy assessment but could use some expert advice? Call the hotline toll-free at 1-866-395-1032 ext. 3.

Contractors/Energy Professionals: Are you in an attic with a perplexing air sealing question? Are you on site and need some quick, expert advice? Have you seen something strange in the field and need resources to learn more? Call the hotline toll-free at 1-866-395-1032 ext. 3.

Our local expert specializes in questions related to:

  • Diagnostic and combustion safety testing
  • Air sealing and insulation practices
  • HVAC performance testing
  • General building science

Call today for 100% FREE unbiased advice from a local expert: 1-866-395-1032 ext. 3.


Get to know our expert

Brian Kumer specializes in energy efficiency assessments and is a nationally-recognized building science instructor. An Illinois native, Brian is well versed in the issues homeowners and contractors face every day in addressing comfort, safety, and high energy-use issues. You can read more about Brian here.