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Green Home staffs BPI and RESNET certified auditors, along with Level II certified Infrared Thermographers.  Trust your home to the professionals.

Green Home provides state of the art inspections, testing and analysis of your home with the latest cutting edge equipment. We view each “Home as a System”. Our equipment and expertise allows us to make very accurate and detailed analysis of your home. “Home as a System” is the only type of energy audit that you should have performed; your home is a very complicated system and is the biggest investment that you will make. Making sure that it operates efficiently, comfortably and safely are the most important reasons to have Green Home audit and weatherize your home.

Green Home uses state of the art 2-Part Closed Cell Spray foam systems along with calibrated insulating systems.  Our crews are all BPI certified, so you can rest assured that the work is being performed by true professionals.