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Kellye Markowski is a building science expert and owner of Energy Smart Homes which provides residential energy assessments and consulting services.  Choosing to have an unbiased Whole House Performance Energy Audit is the most cost affective approach to make your home energy efficient, comfortable, durable and healthy to live in.  We provide comprehensive diagnostic testing utilizing the blower door, Tectite and Rem Design software, the IR camera, digital monometer, flow meter and other state of the art tools to evaluate your home’s energy usage and provide you a prioritized action plan to follow.  Energy Smart Homes will steer you away from ineffective repairs that just don’t pay off or products and repairs you don’t need, and guide you toward options that provide the greatest energy savings for your investment.  We specialize in building science repairs and helping you make the right choices for your home. We know the right materials to use, the correct method of installation to yield real energy saving results, the true and accurate energy saving performance of products and the fair cost for your repairs.  One thing is for sure; we don’t cut corners on our audit or make recommendations that look like the products we sell because we do not sell any.  As a result, you spend your dollars on the right solutions and repairs for your home which saves you money on the total audit plus repair costs.  One size does not fit all so we have many services available to meet your needs and goals for your home. Choosing a veteran energy auditor and highly skilled building science expert like Kellye Markowski is essential real energy saving results.  Link to or call 314-255-9922 to order your audit today.



Building Performance Institute Building Analyst

Building Performance Institute Envelope Professional

Saturn Energy Auditor

Lead Certified

Duct Testing and Sealing Certified

Department of Natural Resources Certified Contractor

Home Performance w/Energy Star Contractor

Home Energy Score Qualified Assessor

Ameren Illinois Trade Ally

Laclede Gas Approved Contractor

Vale National Certified Building Estimator

Property Damage and Building Estimator

Bachelor of Science Degree in Education



3 years BPI, Whole House Performance Energy Auditing

1.5 years Oversight of 100+ homes in the MO Weatherization Program

4 years Building Damage Investigator/Estimator

30 years home remodeling

18 years teaching