BPI Rebates

In order to encourage a high-quality home performance workforce and participation in the Illinois Home Performance program (interested contractors, please read here), has allocated rebate funds for energy efficiency training and testing. Rebate funds are available for training and testing that leads to Building Performance Institute certification (see certifications below). Rebates are only available if all of the following criteria has been met. Please direct questions to contractors@illinoishomeperformance.org or 1-866-395-1032 ext. 1.

  • The course occurred between January 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2019
  • The student paid out of pocket at least $250 per certification
  • The course consisted of at least 4 days in the classroom with a live instructor
  • The course consisted of at least 2 days in the field with a live instructor
  • The instructor is available to be reached via phone for at least 2 months following the completion of the course to answer building science related questions
  • The course took place in Illinois
  • The student receiving the rebate is a resident of Illinois and a customer of at least one of the following Illinois utilities: ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, or North Shore Gas.
Rebates are available to individuals completing training meeting the requirements listed above and achieving one or more of these three certifications:
  • Building Performance Institute Building Analyst certification,
  • Building Performance Institute Envelope certification
  • Building Performance Institute Healthy Home Evaluator certification
$250 can be awarded per certification up to a total of $750 per individual.
Rebates can only be awarded to students who have paid (or their company paid) at least $250 out-of-pocket. You MUST submit proof of registration clearly showing this payment. If you cannot show this, please ask your instructor or testing center to confirm your payment to contractors@illinoishomeperformance.org.
Renewal Rebates
The Illinois Home Performance program also offers BPI renewal rebates for the certifications mentioned above.  $25 per certification renewal can be awarded, up to $75 total per individual.  In order to be eligible to receive a renewal rebate, the student receiving the rebate must be a resident of Illinois and a customer of at least one of the following Illinois utilities:  ComEd, Nicor Gas, Peoples Gas, or North Shore Gas.  Renewal rebates are available at a first come, first serve basis.  For renewal rebates, there is no need to reserve rebate funds.  Simply fill out the below form checking the "Claiming BPI Renewal Funds" box.  Attached proof of your BPI certification(s) and proof of successful renewal.
Certification Rebates - Reservation and Claim Process:

Step 1: Reserving Rebate Funds

In order to receive a certification rebate, you must first reserve funds. To do so, fill out the form below with the "Reserving funds" box checked and upload proof of registration in an appropriate class. A receipt or invoice showing that you have signed up and paid for the class is acceptable as proof of registration. After this is completed successfully to MEEA's satisfaction, funds in the amount requested will be reserved for 75 days, pending fund availability. MEEA will confirm your rebate funds reservation within 1 week via email.

Step 2: Claiming Rebate Funds

After reserving funds, you have 75 days to claim your rebate. To claim your rebate, fill out the form below again, this time with the "Claiming funds" box checked. Attach proof of your new BPI certification(s). A scanned copy of either the BPI certificate or BPI card (both sides) with relevant certification listed is the only acceptable proof. Test scores from the BPI candidate portal will not be sufficient. Each certificate will be confirmed with BPI prior to awarding rebate funds.

Step 3: Receiving Rebate Funds

MEEA will issue checks within 4 weeks of receiving a fully completed rebate claim form and mail it to the address you provide on the form when claiming funds.

Waiting List
If all available funds are reserved at the time you make your request, you will be added to a waiting list and notified of this via email within 1 week. If reserved funds go unclaimed for more than 75 days, these funds will be made available again and the first person on the waiting list will automatically reserve those funds. MEEA will notify this individual immediately of their new rebate reservation; they will then have 75 days to claim the funds.
This form only needs to be filled once to reserve funds and once to claim funds.
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Renewal Rebate
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