Find a Contractor or Energy Analyst

Are you looking for a contractor or energy analyst? There are two ways to get started.

  1. View our listing of approved contractors. We recommend you get at least two estimates.

  2. Let us know you're ready to get started. We'll help you start a discussion with a contractor We will match you with one or more contractors who are qualified to perform the work in your area. At the same time, we will let the contractor know that you're interested in having a discussion about the savings opportunities available in your home.

About our contractors

All Illinois Home Performance lead contractors and energy analysts are Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst & Envelope certified, demonstrating their understanding of whole house systems and health and safety protocols. 

IHP's rigorous quality assurance program makes sure the job gets done right, leaving you with a safer, more comfortable home.

If you are a home performance contractor or energy auditor interested in participating, visit our For Contractors page.